Latest version of sketchup 2023 causing slower times to relink layout file

Good Day,
Could there be a reason why my layout file is taking a lot more time to update when relinking to the SKU file? This is a new situation since just recently updating to the new version. It is taking so long that I have to walk away for a bit, otherwise it appears that it is not responding or could actually crash - but it seems to eventually update.

Have you compared with an older version of Sketchup and LayOut? I haven’t noticed any difference between the latest version and previous ones.

Make sure your .skp file is not too large. You can sometimes purge this file to save a lot of file space. Just one idea but would not explain the difference between versions. I have sometimes had issues with layout becoming slow saving / updating references etc after very long session times. Restarting my computer sometimes solves it.

Hi @DiPenni,

We have investigated this and have found the source of this regression in the latest 2023.1 release. We are working on making a change that should speed things back up to pre-2023.1 times.

Sorry for the inconvenience,


Hi Adam,
Just wondering if you know when this issue will be resolved? I need some light at the end of the tunnel…
I’m finding it so frustrating using Layout. Currently taking almost 3 minutes each time I ‘update model reference’.

Hard to say exactly without seeing your LayOut file. One thing you might do is untick the Override box in Document Setup>Rendering.

Most often when I see LO files from others that are slow to render/update, it turns out that the model is not as well managed as it could be.

Please update your forum profile. It still says you’re using SU2020.

Thanks Dave. I have now updated my profile.
I tried unticking the Override box but it actually made it even slower.
This slow updating problem has only become an issue (for me and everyone else in my office) since upgrading to sketchup and layout 2023.
If there are ways to manage the model better I’m happy to try anything you can suggest, but also from Adam’s comment on December 23 it looks like this is definitely a know problem with the lates release (2023.1) which they are working on resolving. I’d really love to know when (approximately) this might be resolved.

It might be there are issues related to LayOut on Mac. As for model optimization, I’d be willing to bet my lunch money that the SketchUp models you are working with could be streamlined to render more efficiently. Seeing a representative sample file would help in that regard.

It would be nice to know when the issue Adam referred to will be resolved. At this stage my guess is when SketchUp 2024 is released. Unfortunately we won’t know when until it happens. Those at Trimble who might know are not allowed to say in advance.