Adjust aspect ratio?

OK folks I have a graphics question. I’m trying to post this image to my IGram and FBook pages, but IG gives me this message.

“Adjust aspect ratio
One or more of the selected photos are not supported by Instagram’s aspect ratio standards. Please edit the photo so that it falls in the range of 4:5 to 1.91:1 or remove Instagram placement.”

So how do I do this? The original image in 3,000 x 1,427. I’m using Corel Photo Paint.

Easiest is probably to zoom out a bit, export the image, and crop it to the specific aspect ratio you want in an image editor. Another option is to adjust the size of the model window to the aspect ratio you want by dragging the edges of the SketchUp window inward.

You need to crop or resize the image to one of the aspect ratios that facebook/instagram use

3000 x 1572 for example

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Messing with the old Advanced Camera Tools extension might also produce the desired result.

When I need an image from SketchUp for social media, I rely on screen capture. I never bother exporting when I know that screen pixels are more than enough detail and I have control over the actual size I am capturing.

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The old Advanced Camera tools would be useful to create a cropping guide but won’t crop the image to the aspect ratio.

sorry but I still don’t get it. So I have to crop it square?

How do I convert the pixels to aspect ratio?

A bit confused because I haven’t been cropping anything I’ve been posting on IG

Everyone else is telling you to let IG crop the image so this is all probably a waste of time. But if you really want to crop an image to a specific aspect ratio for something else …

It’s basic fractions. 3000/1427 = 2.1/1 or written in the form you’re after, 2.1:1 or a little more than twice as wide as it is tall. You either need to change the dimensions of the SketchUp window as I mentioned or crop the exported mimage in an image editor. You’ll need to zoom out if you want to show the entire width.

Aaron’s suggestion of making a screenshot is easier.

Here’s an example of resizing the SketchUp window.

At full size on my display.

Exporting dimensions with width set to 3000 pixels as you show.
Screenshot - 12_13_2023 , 9_01_18 AM

After dragging the SketchUp window so it’s closer to square.

Screenshot - 12_13_2023 , 9_04_11 AM

Using @Anssi’s suggestion of applying Advanced Camera tool, I created a camera with an aspect ratio of 1 (square). That gave a guide as to how far out the camera has to be zoomed to show the model.

Image exported at 3000 pixels tall (following on from your 3000 pixels) opened in PaintDotNet.

After adjusting the Canvas size to 3000 pixels wide, a square image ready to be saved.

IG automatically crops images when you upload. Some platforms require images to be within a specific aspect ratio range to post.

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I haven’t noticed FB messing with the aspect ratio but it seems that it does some automatic resizing. I also use your screenshot/paste method to post scans of my old B/W negatives.

How are you posting it?
The Instagram app itself crops the image when you use it.

I’m posting from Meta Business Suite.

I need to get to work ,

I’ll be back!

Safe Frame from Extension Warehouse is a help. This is 4x5 vertical format 1080p wide.

Natively, MacOS and iPad can set both vertical and horizontal pixel dimensions, though without Safe Frame you won’t know exactly what you’re getting till you do it.

Screen Shot 2023-12-13 at 10.35.47 AM

The vertical part of the picture is fixed, and the width varies with aspect ratio. See this thread. I’m a Mac user, but my understanding from @DaveR who does know Windows is that it can’t set both aspects, so you’re left with picking the vertical dimension pixels, accepting whatever you get horizontally and cropping it later in an image editor.

This is correct. On windows you can’t disconnect width from height when setting the export dimensions.