Export 2D Graphic to a specific aspect ratio

I use Sketchup to render models as images. The final product is usually printed in a brochure or displayed on the internet. Since clients frequently come back to me for revisions months or years later I save the Sketchup file in case of future revisions. The thing is I export 2D images from the Sketchup model and work on them in Photoshop and then Adobe Illustrator which I also save so there are many saved files dependent on the 2D rendering from Sketchup.

I have a new laptop. The aspect ratio of the monitor is not the same as my old laptop. This is going to present a hassle every time I get revisions because there are many files I will have to resize and reposition because I can’t export at the same aspect ratio.

Bottom line I would like to be able to export 2D images of a model cropped precisely the same over and over regardless of the computer, monitor etc. Does anyone have any ideas?

Eneroth Viewport Resizer² - Useful for exporting images consistently between machines or record videos to predefined dimensions.


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Well that was easy


Does this only work with sizes less than your screen resolution? I can’t seem to figure it out.

Eneroth Viewport Resizer only sets the aspect ratio of the model window. Adjust the resolution by setting the pixel width in the image export options.
Screenshot - 9_5_2023 , 12_33_51 PM

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The export options wont exceed the actual screen resolution and the aspect ratio remains locked so I could export at a low resolution of a proportional size of what I want but I can’t export at a resolution beyond that. I want to export to 9999pxX4598px.

I’m not sure if this could help but the advanced camera tools have a lot of different cameras with different aspect ratio and you can also create your own cameras in case none of them works for you with the aspect ratio you want, I haven’t tried a lot but you could try it.

It used to be a native tool but it wasn’t used a lot so it was removed and now it’s a plugin you can download from the extension warehouse.

Super cool extension but it doesn’t look to me like it is going to help. I don’t think there is a real world lens with the aspect ratio I need. Thanks though.

hummm they will.
I just exported a 9999px x 6000px png from my 1920x1080 laptop.

using eneroth tool, set the ratio at what you need. you can’t set a ratio of 10000 x 4600 but you can set a 1000 x 460 or 1500 x 690
what you need it the right ratio. about 2,174

Then, when you export, if you ask 9999 px wide, it’ll give you 4599 high.
the point of eneroth’s extension is just to set a ratio that will be forced in the export panel.

or, you know, get a mac :innocent:. our export panel allows ut to get rid of the ratio. The height will match the current viewport, the width will either be cropped or enlarged to match your numbers

I should have phrased more accurately…
The eneroth tool wont let me set to a resolution exceeding the actual screen resolution. I can Export to sizes over screen resolution.

What you describe is promising but when I set the Eneroth Tool then go to Export the sizes don’t match.
For instance when I set Eneroth Tool to 1000 x 460 and then go to export (with Use View Size) I get 974X193. That isn’t accurate or proportional. I think I may be able to figure out what I’m doing wrong but I have to step away for a little bit.

You can create your own camera with any aspect ratio you want.