Fully Custom Resolution for 2D Image Export


In Thea Render’s plugin for Sketchup there is a feature that allow us to set the aspect ratio and set the resolution manually for the rendered output. This would be a really cool feature for Sketchup’s images. I would like to be able to export a 2D Sketchup image at a specified resolution with no fuss. An example of this being uselful is if someone wants to match a render perfectly with a Sketchup export to make some interesting post pro images. Or if someone simply want to make a wallpaper that fits their native 1920x1080 screen. As it is now, there is no direct control over 2D output resolution. The export is married to the workspace resolution.

Matching ratio of '2D images export' and animation's 'image set'

V-Ray Tools has such a feature. You don’t need V-Ray installed.

I should separate that out to its own extension.



Thea for SketchUp saves SU image at exactly same resolution as a rendering, so there is no need for any other plugin here!

The issue is that SketchUp lets us set custom aspect ratio (gray bars), which is completely ignored in the image export dialog.


That’s what V-Ray Tools addressed in it’s export function.


Tomasz- I had no idea that was possible. Works perfectly. Thanks for pointing that out. More points for Thea.

ThomThom- Thank you as well. I’m sure it will be useful in some cases. I did not know about that Ruby maybe because I never used V-Ray. Making it a stand alone extension would give it more usage among users I think.

For anyone else reading, I was also pointed to a ruby on Smustard that addresses this issue called “Scene Exporter Pro” http://www.smustard.com/script/SceneExporterPro

I still think Trimble should make this capability a standard feature. I can’t think of any other CG programs that does not give you control over output size.


Great! This is feature request though concerning SketchUo application.


If you save a 2D image of your model, and you want a specific size just click on the options button in the bottom right hand corner of the export window and you can specify the size you want your image
Also, uncheck view size obviously.


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This used to work, but in newer versions of SKP I find that the RATIO is locked. The ratio being dependant on a users view window - docked or un-docked pallets etc.

This is incredibly irritating and unproductive. For example if another user has exported views (which may have composited post production in PS, linked images etc), it can be impossible to match their output ratio on another platform.

What is the current (free) work around for this - it should be free as this really needs fixing!


Use Eneroth Viewport Resizer to set the viewport to the precise aspect ratio.

Eneroth Viewport Resizer — Extension Warehouse