Export Object as 2D Graphic

I want to export specific objects in a model as a 2D graphics with specific heights. Sketchup seems to do a “Screen Grab” and export this rather than just the object I want to create the graphic from. Is there a way to export just the selected object?

You can resize the Sketchup application window, to contains only the object in a question.

If the 2D graphics is image (jpg, png…) it is more easy to Crop the already exported image in (almost) any image editor…

Edit: This may help:
Eneroth Viewport Resizer² | SketchUp Extension Warehouse


FredoPortrait Screenshot | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

Dezmo, thanks for your reply. A couple of screenshots may help describe by objective.

The Object in model parrallell perspective (all other objects hidden)

Essentially I want to export this object as a 2D grpahic set to a specific height. I do not want the entire screen to be incorporated into the output file as obviously this would distort the actual sixe of the object.

Does that help?

As @dezmo wrote, resize the model window so it fits tightly around the object. Then make the export.

If you want to ensure that all of the objects appear the same size, you should use LayOut. You can set a custom paper size to show one object per page and show them at the same scale. Then export a PNG when you have them all set up. Each page will export as a single image.

resize the Sketchup application window to that specific “height” and zoom in that object…


Showing what I described previously.

In SketchUp:

Set up in LayOut with one letter per page. All set to the same scale.

The resuling exports:

Much less screwing around. No need to manipulate the SketchUp model window aspct ratio, no need to hide other objects. Guaranteed all at the same scale. All images created as a batch. Depending on how you need to use the resulting images, they could be exported asa PDF document, too.

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