2D graphic export sizing


I am having a problem exporting 2D graphics to the size I want. When I click options and enter the height and width, it keeps reverting to height 297.039mm width 589.844mm. It keeps doing this whether I click the link symbol or not. I am trying to set it to stay at A3 (297x420mm)

For some reason on a previous project I dint have this problem, but it keeps recurring and I can’t work out why



Hello, it seems you want to export to Jpg.
On windows version we don’t even have the option to set the size in mm, only pixels. The only way we can set up the output size is by exporting to PDF.

When you export to Jpg, it keeps the ratio used in sketchup window. You won’t be able to match an A4 or A3 perfectly, you will need a third party program to fit it !


adjust one of them and then click on the second…

it should auto adjust and ‘stick’…

I avoid .jpeg’s unless there are lots of photographic textures…



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