Exporting multiple 2d Graphics, with the aim of compiling a pan view

Hello all, my names Lee and i’m new to Sketchup. I’ve just recently started using the software and i’m loving the end product of my designs and how quickly Sketchup can be picked up.

I’ve scoured the web to find answers to my question but it is quiet difficult to explain, so google hasn’t been my friend! I’m hoping some of the wisdom of the people here may help point me in the right direction.

So here goes, ill try explain what i’m after and hopefully someone can help. I’ve created a large design in Sketchup, its not great in height but it is great in width. I want to export 2D graphics of my design, so that these can be imported into Photoshop for some additional effects. I’ve noticed that when you export a 2d graphic, it takes a snapshot of the section your currently viewing of the design. Thats fine, it kind of what i want as i want a front view of my design. Problem is that the designs quite wide so most of the design will be cropped out of the single 2nd graphic. If i zoom to far away from the design i lose all quality as i’m exporting to a raster graphic.
If exporting several 2d graphics that run along the front of the design is the only option that it completely fine. Problem being i would want to eventually join all the designs together, so manually panning across the design isn’t accurate for each 2nd graphic. Is there a way to accurately Pan across the front my design? Or is there a way to change the dimensions of the exported 2d graphic?

I’ve tried exporting the document as a pdf so that its a vector graphic but then i lose all of the nice textures in the design. So i would like a way to export multiple jpegs that can be compiled and sit flush next to each other. If this is even possible, i’ve tried playing with the different camera features but struggling to find a way to accurately pan across the front of the design.

Hope this makes sense, any help will be greatly appreciated.

If you need more information please let me know.



You could just change the resolution under Options when doing the 2D export and do it as one single image.

You will have better control on this with LayOut, though

Do you need a perspective view or is a parallel camera view ok?

This little plugin enables you to accurately set the camera Location, Azimuth, Elevation and Focal Length.

Camera Parameters _ camera_parameters.rbz (1.4 KB)


Hi, as simple as it is that might be my ideal solution. Just noticed the addional options oops. Its very wide my design, so measurements may be quite extreme, but it is what is it. Thank you for your reply.

Do i need the Pro version for LayOut? Currently just using the free version while i get to grips with the application. Plus i don’t think i’ll be making money from the app, although that would love that change of career! Thank you for your reply.

Perspective view, it looks a lot nicer!

This plugin looks ideal, ill give it a go thank you very much!

You wouldn’t be able to stitch perspective views together easily because their perspectives don’t match if the camera is panned or rotated. Only between panned parallel views the projection will match. However, as said, stitching together images probably isn’t necessary.

If your intention is to make money out of the project and SketchUp you need Pro.

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