2D Graphics export several items in same angle


I drew a few modified containers and now I would like to print images of these containers in a flyer.
I would like to put the images of the containers underneath each other.
The problem is that when I export the pictures it looks messy because of the different angles of the containers.
How can I export pictures of different size containers so that it would look good in a flyer?

To illustrate the problem I created some boxes, see attachment.

I have tried:

To put all the containers underneath each other and export all in 1 picture. But obviously this doesnt work as the containers will be seen from different angles

To choose a fixed camera position (scene) and take a seperate picture of each container. Unfortunately this leads to a messy bunch of pictures (see attachment)

Thanks! Ivo

ps… extra question, why do I still see the background when “Transparent Background” is ticked?

Just switch to a parallel projection instead of perspective and the lines will be parallel.

When I do the parallel projection the shape changes a lot. Is there a setting to adjust how much projection?

You could use perspective projection and change the FOV to control the distortion but then the separate views wouldn’t match. If they are going to match you either must use parallel projection or assemble the views within the same 3D model to make them follow the same perspective.

The shape hasn’t been changed. It looks strange because you’re used to seeing perspective views.

The only way you are going to totally avoid the thing you show in your first screen shot is to use Parallel Projection and a standard view which will give you a 2D appearance.

Frankly, I would put the three different containers side by side in the same scene. This will give the reader an easy way to compare them. There’s nothing terribly important along the sides of the longer containers that the overlap is going to mask.

As @eneroth3 points out, you can use a narrower field of view/longer focal length to reduce the strong convergence. Mine is set to 75mm.

Turn off the sky and ground. Then the background will be transparent if you have it set that way.

There’s actually no need to use a standard view. As long as all viewports uses the same camera vector and parallel projection the viewports will match, regarldess of how the camera is oriented.

That’s true but it gives the OP an apparent distortion he doesn’t like. That can be avoided with standard elevation views.

Thanks guys. A lot of information!
I’ll go and play a bit more.

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