How to get a better resolution model for export

Hi! I can’t get a good resolution jpeg or png of my model once it’s exported. I tried from Sketchup with no good results and from Layout only a little better. This is what I did from Layout: doc setup/paper/rendering resolution and display set HIGH. Here’s a detail of the drawing–lines on the table top are the worst.
screenshot line res

At what size are you exporting the image?

When you exported from LayOut how did you render the viewport?

If I want a “crisper” look to my 2D exports out of SU I do the following. Export my 2D image at twice the size I want and then scale the exported image back down to desired size.

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I exported to 3000 px wide.

Does this look OK? It’s a little down-sampled by the forum. Click on it to see it larger.

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Yes, it does. Much better. How did you get that resolution?

For this I sent the file to LayOut, rendered as Hybrid, exported at 6000 pixels wide and then in an image editor reduce the size to 1200 pixels wide. Similar to what @tuna1967 was referring to.

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Dave, From Layout I don’t see the hybrid option. Where is it? This is what I get:
Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 3.32.36 PM

It’s in the SketchUp Model panel normally on the right side.

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Thanks Dave. An excellent lesson! I’ve been trying to figure out where my sketchup model pane is. I can’t see it but I’m looking.

Thanks for your help tuna!

Did you find it? If not, look under the Window menu.

I’ve been over the entire place and it’s not under windows. Is it different on a Mac?

I was all over Sketchup, not Layout! Found it! Thanks for your patience!

In the Window menu you should find an entry for the tray.

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Dave, thanks again for your excellent help! The screenshots and detailed guidance made everything very clear.

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In sketchup model go to styles-> edit → make sure profiles and depth cue are activated it will give good 2d graphics image :innocent:
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Thank you @Punithjain.