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Hi All
What I wanted to ask is. When I export a 2D Plan to my paint programme
and I zoom in. I see that the graphic is very pixelated and not as smooth as it is in Sketchup. I make clock and other type Scroll Saw patterns and I was wondering what could I do to make this look as smooth as it does in Sketchup when I zoom in on the pattern…

I am curious what you do with the images in a Paint Program. There are probably better image editing programs to manipulate resolution. SU Pro might also be more suitable in your needs of export formats.

The 2D image export dialog should have options for setting the properties of the resulting image file. Among the typical options are pixel-dimensions of the output image. Look for that option and try increasing the dimensions of the image you are exporting.

You need to up the resolution, the default is 72pixels/inch so you should up it to 150 (at least) for digital screens or 300 if you want to print it.

You can also uncheck the dimensions of the view size and put in a much larger canvas size (6000*4000px for example).

Make sure AA is checked too and push the quality to maximum.

If that does not work then you probably need Pro and export as Vector rather than raster.


You might get better results by exporting to a very large resolution (9999 pixels used to be the maximum, I haven’t tested for a long time) with no antialiasing, and then downsampling the image in Photoshop or your image editor of choice. SketchUp’s antialiasing is somewhat lackluster, and an image editor does it much better. Besides, you get thinner lines.

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Yes exporting at the furthest you can go +300pi should be overkill.

Thank you So very much. All good now worked perfectly.
Much Appreciated :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

I think is very generous of all these SU Pro users to assist you in your quest for monetization via youtube or other social media venues…if that’s the plan.:slight_smile:

The problem I had is fixed thanks to liamk887 and this Forum… Everybody on here is very Helpful… I Appreciate everything you all do for us Newbies…

No plan for Youtube or anything like that. I just needed help with a resolution problem I was having … All done now :grinning::grinning:

A word to the wise is sufficient.

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