Posting rendered scenes to mobile social media

Hi! Looking for tips to post Scenes on Instagram with mobile screen ratio/ vertical orientation. I understand SketchUp is set up for a desk top monitor and has a horizontal orientation. I’m satisfied with the orientation for Posts but, I’d like to post onto Stories which does not look good horizontally. The image is far too small and if I try to crop to fit the screen, I lose a lot of the Scene. Is there a way to set up my camera in SketchUp to replicate the vertical orientation of a phone’s camera? Apologies if I’m not being clear. Thanks in advance for your help!

Change the aspect ratio of the SketchUp model window to match the aspect ratio of the images on Instragram. That’ll make it easier to set up the views and export images to suit.

In the Extension Warehouse there’s an extension by Eneroth that will make the viewport resizing easy. You can select a square shape if you want. That shape can be carried over to your renderer so you get the same aspect ratio for rendered images.

Also you can crop your images in an image editor.

I’ll give those options a shot, thank you!

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