How to export a vertical wide angle or panorama jpg in sketchup?

How to export a wide angle or panorama with High Definition jpg in sketchup?
some for ref.

It need to be vertical like the ref. Thankyou very much!!

You can adjust the shape of the model window to make a tall, skinny view and then export the image. To make it larger, click on Options in the Export window and adjust the size. I would skip resizing the window, enter the height for the image size I want and export. Then I’d crop the image in an image editor.

PNG, TIG, or BMP export will give you a higher quality image than a JPG if that’s important to you.

But actually I want to create a 2500*700 mm size image, If I enter the height for the image size directly, the pixel would be too low quality.

Also, the sketchup view can not create a wide angle or panorama view. Therefore, maybe I need a plugin…Thanks a lot !!

This is for ref.

Your image doesn’t seem to show.

You can export a larger image than you need and reduce the size in Photoshop of equivalent. I do that for most images I export from SketchUp.

the pixel size will adjust accordingly i,e, 7087 × 1984 pixels…

adjust the viewport to a 25:7 ratio >> zoom extents >> set Field of view to 10° or so…


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but I tired it, it’s a wide angle only but still not a Vertoramas view like the ref…

I chosen 9999 x 5xxx pixels… but seems not enough…
in 1 to1, the pic still get a bit blurry

You can get a still larger image if you create a large page size in LayOut, place your SketchUp view there and export to an image using the High output resolution option (300 DPI). You might have to crop the image to size afterwards in your image editor.

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I’m a bit late to conversation here but I tested it and was able to export a narrow vertical veiwport…this was as narrow as SU would let me go. Then export as EPS and open in Illustrator in order to further control the lineweight. You can see from the zoom in that the detail is preserved since it’s vector. Does that help?

Edit - you can further narrow the dimensions by adjusting the artboard size in Illustrator.

Also, to get a ‘Vertoramas’…you can use the ‘look around’ option to look up or down…exporting a series of views as you go. In Photoshop, you can use the Photomerge under Automate to re-position them a few different ways depending on the result that looks best for your needs.

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It is very useful!!
I did’t use this function before, thank you very much!!

Good to hear and you’re welcome!