A Sunday Evening Sketch


Thank you, Aaron. Simple works well for me. :smiley:


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Tap Wrench.


A chrome tap wrench


Kinda late but you guessed right. :smiley:


Nice renders, the subtile bevel makes a huge difference, especially with a high reflective material!


Thank you sir. I had meant to add the little chamfers before the first render but I forgot. It was certainly needed at the transition between the threaded diameter and the shoulder.


HOLY ■■■■!!!


Would you be willing to upload the SKP? I was curious to try another couple of ways of rendering, to see how it compares to your results.


Check your PMs Colin.


Interesting !

The V-groove suggests in needs to grip something that will hold its self in position by its shape. So, a circular item may be ?. As there’s not much space inside this area or between the threaded handles, I guess it’s gripping something like a circular steel bar. The handle locations feels as though you would want to turn or twist it.

I’ve seen something similar to this, it was a thread cutter for forming your own threaded bolts. You would have different size cutter chucks for various bar diameters.

Heck… I give up.

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yeah the handle looks bigger than a tap wrench in the image so it had me looking for a larger purpose.


FWIW, Pratt &Whitney did make a similar tap wrench. My brother says he has several wrench of this style and thought they might be made by Starrett although I haven’t found any pictures of Starrett tap wrench that look like this one.


pratt- whitney was the closest to this design I could find. Others close to this one had fasteners drawing the jaws together from the sides and the jaws were actually part of the handles rather than being the fasteners that drew them together. This design is an improvement as it wouldn’t require a wrench to use it. Nice work btw.


I found this one, but note how the rods come into the end, and there are separate screw to adjust the gap:



Not so fast there Dave…wouldn’t such an elegant tool be deserving of a finely crafted wood box of equal attention?



Ha! Maybe but It’ll have to wait a little while. I suppose fumed white oak and lined with green felt.


Oh alright…but if it gets scratched there will be no one to blame but yourself. :sunglasses:


This is great to see DaveR and those renders are looking good.