A Sunday Evening Sketch


Aaron’s method is good but not so easy if you want to accurately replicate threads to specifications. Also the internal threads have different specs than the external ones.

As for the termination, in the tutorial Cotty referred to, I only cut them off flat which isn’t really correct. On the tap wrench, I added the chamfer which would be appropriate for the way the real threads would be done.


That’s the method I use btw. I find I have to refer back to the video now and again to refresh the memory.


I remember Dave’s blog post about thread-cutting. But I just checked the link to find that his video no longer appears in the blog post. Sad.


Thanks David. I didn’t know the video isn’t linked there anymore. It seems I can’t edit the post to put it in again but here’s the link:



Thank you! I logged into FWW, and have looked a page after page of videos, to no avail!


Sorry. I wasn’t aware of the missing link.

Use Curve Maker instead of Draw Helix which isn’t available anymore.



No worries! Excellent tutorial!


Decided to add knurling to the handles.

Render in process. Might upload it later.


That’ll explode the polygon count. I’d be interested how you made it, and particularly tapering it off. I’ve had a similar situation I wanted to post a question for.


It’s probably not as bad as you’d think.

The file size is 2.5 Mb.

The main part of the kurling is made up of a bunch of components. I intersected the tapered part of the handle with the diamonds where the knurling runs out and deleted the tops of the diamonds basically mimicking the process on the lathe. I exploded the diamonds before trimming instead of leaving them as components.


Oh, I see. The handle tapers back instead of the grooves getting shallower.



FWIW, I converted the truncated diamonds to individual components instead of a mass of loose geometry within the handle component. Reduced the file size by nearly 20%.



Continuing the discussion from A Sunday Evening Sketch:

This Old Tony’s tap wrench (you didn’t do the knurling! or the centrum hole on the handle end). Did you do the metric one or the Imperial measurements?


About time! This Old Tony would be proud of the diamond knurls! Did you put in the small centrum hole too so that it could be turned with a support?


Yep. It’s This Old Tony’s tap wrench using imperial measurements like he did.

I didn’t add the dimples for turning between centers but they are trivial to add.

The original he used as the idea had the diamond knurling. His knurling was just linear.

I had other things to do that took me away from adding the knurling for awhile.


A quick and dirty render. Could spend a little more time on it, I suppose. Don’t suppose I will, though.


It’s a Tap Wrench for holding various tapes for threading.


Last images. On to other projects.


Impressive !


Turned out great, Dave! I am a sucker for simple renders like this… and it does not hurt that the whole thing is chrome!