A Sunday Evening Sketch


Just playing this evening. Does anyone want to take a guess as to what it is?


Some kind of clamp for something thin and round, but I can’t think what.


Nice try. I’ll wait a little before I add any clues. :wink:


looks like a valve handle


Would you like to purchase another ticket? :smiley:


auger handle?




tap wrench


pratt-whitney maybe



My guess too


It’s familiar to me only because I made one in a High school engineering class…many moons ago.


That’s it.

That could explain why the one this was modeled after is made the way it is and unmarked except for some initials.

FWIW, here’s a close up.


The threading looks perfect, what method did you use?


Thanks. I drew a helix for the path and the proper profile for the thread shape. Then Upright Extruder. Of course I used The Dave Method.

FWIW, the components are solid and would be 3D printable.


I’ve never done it before, but I would think if you really wanted good threads in a 3D printed object, you would print it with the hole a little undersized, and then use a real tap and die … oh, wait a minute, you’d need to already have one to make one!


I agree with you about that. I think it would be especially true for smaller holes. I’ve seen small holes in 3D printed objects that weren’t even round. They need to be drilled before they could be tapped. If I wanted good durable threads, I’d probably use brass or steel inserts instead.

Years ago I modeled a thing with threads for a guy to print and it worked fine with the modeled threads. They were fairly large diameter Acme threads, though.


There were some nice printed threads at the 3D print garden at 3D Basecamp, they worked really well.


One example…


If they were the big red ones, they were mine. The thread were just made up for those, I cut the thread into the nut with Solid Tools to an exact fit. I were told by Colin they worked, which I were a little surprised by.


Thanks Cotty.

I’d not seen that one by Dave. I’ve used the technique that Aaron showed on SketchUp Live, But the thread terminations I got were no where as nice as Dave’s.