A new push today with changes and bug fixes

We’ve pushed some code today for 3DWarehouse, and if your profile picture doesn’t render in IE11, uploading it again will fix that issue. Over the next few hours, you should also see a new model page. Feedback always appreciated.

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As I understand, ‘related models’ is somewhat the same as ‘Models you might like’ , but how is this determined? not by hashtags, isn’t it?

This continues to change… and we’ve modified it a bit and hope to make it better. I’ll see if I can share that info.

Hi Barry. I just logged onto 3D Warehouse and I noticed the spin feature for our models is missing. I hate to see it go if that was in fact one of the changes.

If you’re truly on win8, are you on 2017 or 2018? We should be able to run the 3D viewer there. If you click on the model, you’re not loading the 3D Viewer? Edit: 2016 still uses the embedded webkit of the platform (IE on Windows, Safari on Mac), and those browsers lag a bit for webGL 3D viewing so we typically disable. If you’re referring to the Swivel/Montage view (we had a patent on that - US8614706B2 - Lightweight three-dimensional display - Google Patents), that was removed over a year ago, with the advent of better webGL in most browsers.

I’ve seen the updates in the 3D Warehouse and it completely smashed my descriptions together. Paragraphs I wanted separated are now huge blobs of text. Can I manually fix this, or is it an automatic issue? Also, the comment size has decreased to only a couple hundred characters, which is a pain when you are trying to compliment and give feedback on a model at the same time. Was this done on purpose, and was there a reason for it?

This is the same with me. I am trying to update a model’s description, and it shows that I have “0 characters left” when the whole description itself for the model when left unchanged has 14,304 characters.

Also, when you want to uplaod a model, you are limited to 1,000 characters for the description, which is a big step backwards from the older version of 3D Warehouse.

I also made a topic relating to it with pictures regarding the problem.
Having Issues With Model Descriptions

Bug filed. Thanks.

It’s been a long time I went to the 3D Warehouse.

Unless I missed something, I find the navigation very weak. If you make a search, then dig into a model, there is NO button to go back to the search list.

It’s even worse if you ask for a 3D view of the model. Then, even the Back button of the web browser does not bring you back to the search list, but instead reprocess the 3D view.

I remember in the old time, navigation was much easier.


The navigation is a sore spot with us, and we have some plans to make it better. Point taken.

I’ve found that by right-clicking on the Model I want to see from search results, and choosing “open link in tab” (Firefox), I can look around, even load the Model in the 3D view, then just close that tab.

If I do happen to click on a Model to look at it before thinking, after I’ve looked at it in the 3D viewer, by clicking the back button twice in rapid succession, this action over-rides the Model trying to re-process and will return you to your search results.

I noticed that in the new format, not only are all of my narrations smushed together into one big rambling paragraph, but the “Upload Date” is missing.

I guess it doesn’t matter… and I only realized it after I had downloaded a Model then discovered the EXACT same Model in someone else’s Warehouse. Now…I’m fairly sure this was a case of “theft,” 'cause one of the Warehousers is pretty well known, and I’m sure that person didn’t steal someone else’s model. I knew it would be easily to determine who did what by looking at the “Upload Dates” - that’s when I disovered the only date available was the “Modified Date.”

Was the “Upload Date” removed to deter detection by Warehouse Whistleblowers so that they can’t call out Model thieves as in the past? I sorta figured that the thieves would still be caught because of the “Modified Date.” But in this case, the “Modificed Date,” which is probably the same as the “Upload Date” (as both dates would be the same if there were no modifications), is a date BEFORE the [last] “Modified Date” on the owner’s Model.

Just curious…

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Hi Barry, Actually, I found that you had to click the icon at the center of the model photo. I just didn’t realize that it was no longer in the upper right hand corner. I got it to work.

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OK, we’ve pushed an update with a number of bug fixes. Your paragraphs should be restored. I checked a few models, like @anon72365415 's https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/a52c99d8-e2e5-48cd-bfae-a729745f4f95/Eneroth-Railroad-System-Demo-Model-for-Version-0121 and it looks like descriptions are better.


Thank you very much. I appreciate your efforts. :joy: It is actually funny that you bring that model up, because I was getting ready to update it.

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