3D Text Editor - Save Styles

Is there a way to save styles beyond just the default with this plugin? @thomthom

What sort of styles are you thinking of?

I just need to be able to save an alternate default, as opposed to the standard default.

You can edit the file called core.rb in the folder called tt_text_editor in Notepad to change the default font and other settings.

I’ll give that a shot.

Awesome. Was able to change defaults. Thanks for the help!

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Would it help if the extension remembered the last font you used when creating new text?


That would be a great addition to the tool, ThomThom.


Yea it would.

I’ve logged the issue: Save last used values · Issue #6 · thomthom/TextEditor · GitHub


I just published version 1.3.0. It should remember font styles between sessions now. Update via the Extension Manager.

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That was quick! Thank you ThomThom!

Weeeell… I’ve had a request for a few years…
BaseCamp inspired me. :slight_smile:

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Hey thomthom, something got wonky with the update. When you place the text, the blue component box is offset on the text, and you can’t easily select the portion of the text that is outside of the box. Thoughts?

I’m not seeing that. Can you supply an example SKP file that illustrates the issue?

Here is a file. Once you click into it or “Edit Text” it is all good. Just an extra step that would be nice to not be there.

Sample.skp (239.5 KB)

Hmmmm… It looks as I would expect it to look.

Even when editing the text.

This is in SU2018.

I wonder if you need a graphics card driver update. Make sure SketchUp is actually using the Qaudro card and not the integrated Intel graphics.

Once you click into it, it reverts to normal. SU is pointing to the correct graphics card. I only bring it up because we have three computers that recently installed the plugin, and once it was updated, we are all having this issue. If I get a free moment today, I will try to uninstall and reinstall.

Are you talking about uninstalling and reinstalling SketchUp?

By the way, you should probably come into the forum directly and edit your post to remove your e-mail signature stuff.

Nah, just the plugins.