Can't open text in default tray

Never had this problem before but now I can’t open the text edit in the default tray. I can’t change the size or style of the text in a drawing. The other features
of the default tray are still there. The o/s is is Windows10 upgraded.

Is this in SketchUp?

What version of SketchUp? Your profile is incomplete.

Hello Dave

My version of Sketch-Up Make is 2017. I haven’t had notice of a later version
but I should check it out, right ?

There isn’t a Text Edit window in SketchUp and there never has been. Not sure where you got the idea there was. If you select text entities you can edit font and size in Entity Info.

2017 is the last version of SketchUp Make.

Why don’t you update your profile to include SketchUp version and Graphics card so you don’t have to answer these questions in the future?

Hello Dave

I didn’t refer to a “Text Edit Window” but now I found out what
I was doing wrong. I selected text entities as you suggested
and that cured the problem. Thanks for your help Dave.

Regards, alpine29.

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