3D Text tool Problem


I am having an issue with the 3D Text tool in that I cannot change the default Font permanently. Every time I use it I reopen the font tool window and have to change the font and size because it is defaulting arial italic no matter what I do. I am using a Mac OSX Yosemite. Thanks


I think this is a known bug on MACs.
On PCs the last used font-name is recycled on the next use of SketchUp…
Any MAC users want to comment?


mine always opens as italic but the font family stays with my last choice, I’ve never found where the font preferences are stored to see what’s happening…


Same as John’s experience - it always goes to bold italic, but in the last used font.

OK, it is kept in the plist com.sketchup.SketchUp.2015.plist under the dictionary key ThreeDText. From mine it looks like the logic for bold and italic has been reversed, since they both say Boolean No, but the font selector in SketchUp gets bold italic!


Have this problem with SU Make 2015 on Mtn. Lion. Can place maybe 2 or 3 before BS appears. New placement always defaults to italic despite the plist showing non-italic.