BugSplats when inserting 3D text on OSX - known issue; no workaround or fix?

I have SketchUp Make 2015 and I’m trying to insert 3D text into my model. Quite often, this results in a BugSplat and I have to resume from an autosave, or save every time I want to place test in anticipation of resuming after the crash happens.

Also, font selection is broken - despite not selecting italics, every time I go to place text, it always selects the italics version of whatever font I use.

I know this is a known issue, but is there no fix or workaround (other than removing the font selection bits for SU which don’t work for me anyway)?

Specs: MBP17 running Mountain Lion, 16GB RAM, AMD 6750 GPU.

Did you put a name or email address on the bugsplat reports? If so, I can look up the crashes to perhaps give an exact answer.


Yes, several.

It seems that the problem occurs on fonts that have more than one style. On a font that only has one style, I can insert 3D text all day long. But if I select a font that has multiple styles, it always wants to select the italic style, Some fonts with a condensed style will not apply at all, only applying their non-condensed style despite my selecting the condensed one.

Sometimes I can trigger a crash by merely selecting fonts in the dialog.

Came here to report that I have the same problem. Not sure when about this started, but I noticed it tonight. I’ve never had an issue with this before in the past.

I tried restarting and updating to the latest build (14.1.1283) for my version of pro with no luck.

What ended up working for me was to change or select something in the box before clicking on “fonts”.