3d text - can't change font - font not reflected in drawing

I am a rookie. I have issues with 3d text. After altering text for first time any subsequent use does not allow for font changes. In fact, font is hijacked to be italic. Only closing the program and reopening it allows 3d text font to be changed, and then after initial use it does not.

While it is still in the text entry box in the Place 3D Text dialog, you can (should be able to) edit the text or change the font as much as you like. Once the 3D Text is placed in the model space, it is made of ordinary dumb geometry. It doesn’t know it says anything and is not editable.

Also, the 3D Text dialog only recognizes ttf fonts, not otf or postscript fonts.

Now, I can’t exactly tell from your description whether this is how it’s acting for you or if you can’t even change the font when you initially open the dialog. Can you clarify?


are you on a mac?
there are some known issues with text, which relate to the OSX version, SU version combinations…
more details of your circumstance would be useful…

btw, @Gully_Foyle on a mac all available font types work, as long as they contain your chosen glyph…