I'm having a problem displaying custom fonts properly with the 3D Text tool



I’m trying to introduce letters I’ve designed into SketchUp drawings with frustrating results. After designing the letters, I upload the .SVG file to an online font converter which produces an .otf or .ttf file. These I load into Font Book(Mac). In Font Book and with other applications, the letters look like my designs. Not so with the 3-D Text tool in SketchUp. Here, while the letters look right in the little preview box, when they are placed they aren’t the same as what I’ve designed. I’ve tried this with both .otf and .ttf with the same results. This seems to happen only with my custom fonts, the regular stuff works fine. What am I doing wrong?


The 3D Text tool works only with .ttf, not .otf.

Would you care you elucidate on what they do look like?

Why is it you even need to go through the whole conversion to a font process? You should convert the .svg to .dxf and import that directly. If you want to insert your custom letters into a 3D Text object, that shouldn’t be an issue, since 3D text is just ordinary geometry contained in a component, and you can manipulate the geometry however you wish, including reshaping the characters or mixing and matching the characters in the 3D Text with the custom characters you made.



it’s very hard to tell without the font…
which online convertor did you use, they are not all equal?
It’s probably best to use an app, in the past I have used Birdfont.app with some success…
@Gully_Foyle , otf fonts do work in the mac version of SU…


I guess that figures…