Newly installed font not recognized in 3D Text



I loaded a new TT font properly onto my system (PC, windows 7, SU 16). The new font shows up and is available to use for dimensioning and call outs, but is not available in 3D text (which is where I really want it). Does anyone know why this is happening and/or how I can use this new font in 3D text?


What’s the font? Is it freely available?


Helvetica Neue LT std 75 Bold, it seems to be very common and readily available


is it definitely a TrueType Font [.ttf]?

I believe that’s the only prerequisite on a PC to be usable as 3dText…



No, actually it is a open type - .otf


that’ll be the issue then, you could get a mac, it will handle both types…


Ha,Ha. Thank you - I didn’t realize it needed to be .ttf - I really appreciate the quick response.


FYI, there are lots of otf-to-ttf converters on the web.



Thank you all once again. I used a font converter and everything is good to go!



I have Helvetica True Type Fonts (purchased)… I tried the converter with many of the Helvetica font family, installed Helvetica Bold as a True Type Font… closed and opened SketchUp… Tried Editable Text… still no Helvetica Fonts show up. Any thoughts?