Adding new fonts to 3d. installed machine fonts not all in 3d choices

after installing a new font on my system it is not showing up as a choice in 3d text. is there any way to influence that?

Perhaps TTF fonts versus OTF fonts ?

Restart SketchUp?

did that. even did it both in 2021 and now 2022. made sure the fonts show elsewhere as well.

What’s the font?

I honestly do not know what that is!

Signal No3 D. a client uses it for their signage and I am want to make channel letters for a building using the correct one

Can you share the font file?

Does it show up in LayOut?

What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your profile.

will do.
2022 pro.
the font does show in SketchUp in model info as well as in layout. only not available as a 3d text

trying to attach font. not letting me upload. plz hold

Put it in a ZIP file. (27.4 KB)

So it’s an OTF (Open Type Font) and on Windows it needs to be TTF (True Type Font). There are some online converters out there that can create TTF from OTF.

How are you using the text in the model? Are you making a model of a sign or something?

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was hoping to make an open channel sign letter

for the front of this building . Maybe ones with exposed light bulbs. old school sign type.

I went ahead and created a TTF version with Convertio. It’s included in the ZIP file. (52.3 KB)

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you are fast. I was looking for a converter. thank you so much!!!

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You’re welcome.

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I think you can do it.

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yup. with the right font due to your help!

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