Changing Font Type in SU 2016 Make

Hi. I’m using SketchUp 2016 Make on my home computer which is running Windows 7 Pro. The font that came with this is a very basic type of font. I can’t afford to upgrade to the Pro version.
My question is this: Is there anyway to change the font type to say something like “Arial”? Or am I just going to have to use the font provided?

SketchUp doesn’t come with fonts. It uses your system fonts. You can change fonts used for text and dimensions by going to the appropriate section in Window>Model Info and choosing a new font, Arial, if you’d like.

If you want to change the font used for all future models, open a new SketchUp session and change the fonts for Dimensions and Text. Then use Save as Template and make sure it is set to be your default.

Thank you. That worked great. Learn something new every day. Thanks again.

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