Sketchup Free Text Fonts?

Hey all! So I just started with sketchup for remodeling our house and laying out our wedding venue (family cant visualize unless 3D) and it’s been great! I have a question about using the text option in sketchup. I read that it uses any fonts that are installed on the machine, is this only the sketchup pro? Or can the web based do this as well? If so how do import the text font? Before I purchase the pro version for the font options I want to make sure if it is only pro or the other paid option and the free cannot do that. Thank you in advance!

Only the desktop versions use your installed fonts. The web-based versions are limited to just a few fonts.

Okay thank you. So I will need to purchase the desktop version of Sketchup for that to work.

Or use SketchUp 2017 Make which is still available for hobbyist use.

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