3D person from warehouse is very dark

Good afternoon everyone,

I found a model in the warehouse that I would really like to use but she appears very dark and I can’t figure out a way to lighten the model or make it take on the surrounding lights in a better way. Can anyone help?

The model is called CHICA TOMANDO CAFE, I can’t upload because the file size is too large

Have you tried lightening the materials in her or her clothes?

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I just opened the her UV mapped material in Photoshop and lightened it, then reloaded it. You can see the difference here:


How do I open the material in photoshop?
I’m on a Mac.

Do you have Photoshop installed?

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Yes I do.

I think I figured it out. I went to the materials panel, right-clicked the material, chose edit, click on the dropdown and clicked edit again. the material opened in photoshop.

Thanks for tip!

Cool. Glad you got it. That’s what I was going to say to do. Then just click ‘Load’ and browse to your new lighter image to swap out and presto!

I think your model has vray 2.0 materials settings on it… Extensions-vray-tools-wipe option will solve it…

Thanks, I’ll try that.

That would have been much safer than what I did, lol. I saved over the original in Photoshop without thinking about it. oops.

Any idea why a model wouldn’t show up in the V-Ray render?

I shut down Sketchup and reopened but have the same problem.

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You can try posting just that component or link to Warehouse where you got it so we can see if there’s something wrong with the component itself.

I think its texture is missing for vray, so you can turn hidden geometry on, right click and choose texture-edit and open and save with photoshop as you did before… Or just use vray file path editor and extract all textures…

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Here is the material in File Path Editor.

The file path doesn’t exist on my Mac so if I’m understanding, should I open the texture in Photoshop and save it somewhere else? Then set a new path?

Here is the skp.DOCTOR 07.skp (7.9 MB) DOCTOR 07.skp (7.9 MB)

I can’t download your model and check but a quick guess, are the faces in the second figure reversed?

I just tried reversing the faces but it didn’t work.

at least the person in SketchUp is now an eyecatcher :wink:

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maybe you can try to explode an regroup that person?