3D person from warehouse is very dark

The second ‘non-rendering’ figure is badly formed.
View in Monochrome.
If possible reverse backwards faces [which render ‘transparent’ otherwise].
You might need to reapply the backs’ materials onto the fronts.

If it were me, then rather than slog through this, I’d tend to [re]use the successful figure component.
Make it unique, edit it, mirror its geometry, perhaps rotate it about the Z axis a little, delete/add/scale parts as needed so it looks different enough in the view…
Even recolor some of the surfaces with new cloned materials, so the viewer is fooled into seeing two separate people…

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The issue is a missing path to the original texture. VRAY is searching for it on the author’s hard drive.

To re-path, in SketchUp. Edit the texture as you did the other lady who was too dark and save that texture somewhere on your hard drive.

Then select that material in the model in the VRAY Asset Editor and re-path to your newly saved texture on your drive:

Or just import DOCTOR.zip (4.1 MB)


Thank you Eric!

I tried doing just that but it didn’t seem to work for me.:neutral_face:

There may be some other issues in your model since I looked at only the component. Did you try importing the file I uploaded? Let me know if that works.

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Your file did work! Thanks!

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Great. The solution isn’t always obvious but I like to think that we’ll get to one no matter what in the end :wink: