Vray for SketchUp - materials showing strangely

Hi All

I have been encountering a problem with Vray for Sketchup, in which the render shows the materials with strange colours. If I look at the diffuse filter in render window, the materials appear to have loaded correctly so I can’t understand what is causing the streaks of colour.

I had used the same model and few weeks ago and did not have this problem with the texture. See attached images.

Any suggestions how I can fix it or what the cause may be?

Thanks in advance

The streak pattern on the floor looks suspiciously like what I would image the lighting pattern to be coming through the square holes in the roof. Have you tried adding interior lighting to check the materials or altering the lighting settings?

Other than that perhaps the size of the materials/textures can be causing the problem, either they are too small or too large for the geometry they are mapped for, I have had similar problems with other engines, I had scaled the model too big so tiling will occur more frequently.

I had previously rendered the image a few weeks ago and so don’t believe it is the light from above. If you look at the top right of the original posted image there is strange triangles everywhere.

I had to use “purge” as the file got quite large and wonder whether it messed up the material? Could that be possible?

Not sure sorry I have not used Vray in many many years.

Thanks for your response anyway, do you know any other forums that I could try ask in? Unfortunately I can’t post on the Vray forum as I only have an educational license.

Someone may be along to help soon, a lot of the users are in the US or Aus/Nz and asleep, otherwise try Sketchucation Index page • sketchUcation •

Specifically this is the vray Thread: V-Ray • sketchUcation • 1

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