Elongated Vray Material Reflections

Hello all! I’m quite new to learning Vray for sketchup. I am trying to render a scene but the reflections aren’t rendering properly. I am not sure if it is an anti-aliasing problem/reflection settings issue/problem with global illumination. Any help would be appreciated

Here’s another render to better explain the problem. Thank you in advance

What do you mean? I see no irregularities in the first image you posted.

See the bottom left corner of the second image I’ve posted, the reflections seem to end at infinity

Look at your material properties. To me it seems that there is a bump or displacement property that makes your floor look like water, with slight ripples. Or is there an infinite V-ray plane that coincides with your floor?

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I re-did the materials, the bump map multiplier was at 0.1 and the bump type was set to Explicit normals. Changed it to mult-1 and type-Bump.
Thanks a lot for your help! I wasn’t sure where to look