Vray material with Sketchup



Hello, i’m new in this forum.
I’m trying to applying some materials using Vray and it’s not working well.
I’m following these steps to apply materials, first i select a material from SU the import the desired material from vray but it turns grey and if i continue to render the applied material is deformed.
Can somebody help me to solve this problem, is there something render settings or the followed steps are wrong.

Thank You.



Hi William,

I suggest that you should post any problem relating to Vray on the Vray forum. You can find answers there more helpful than here.

With given information, it is difficult to judge what the problem is. Perhaps some pictures or the access to the model that you have having problem with will be helpful.

In general, you shouldn’t really need to “import” from Vray as Vray sits inside of your SketchUp. Material showing as gray and deformed can be two unrelated issues.



Thank you, i’ll try to post this issue on Vray forum.



There’s a very handy V-Ray helper plugin over at Sketchucation.

The Ithil Render Tools plugin allows you to instantly tweak any applied SU material to fit specific attributes. This image is just the standard parquet floor material applied to a sphere which (in Ithil) was then slected and designated as wood. You can see that it instantly gets an appropriate degree of sheen. You can also see from the reflections that it uses the image itself to generate a bump map…all automatically. This took not much more than a minute from opening SU to rendering the image.


Hello again,
I still have this problem, i just uploaded in pictures the steps that i’m following to apply material from Vray to the selected object.

Step 01: I used the Paint Bucket tool in SU and apply a random material to the face i want to work on. It’s ok till now.

Step 02: Then I clicked on Vray Material Editor and Load Material (vismat).

Step 03: Here is the Material (concrete).

Step 04: Then apply material to the selected face (already has the UV from SU).

Step 05: When I clicked “Apply Material to Selection” the selected face turned black and somtimes grey with no material at all.

Step 06: Here is it, I cannot see the applied material …

Step 07: I continued to render the object, the material is totally deformed knowing that the object is a normal bloc with simple faces.

Any suggestions?
Thank You,


I personally don’t really use vismaps, but it could be tied with vismap itself.
It is difficult to position the texture using vismap since there is no visual queue. why don’t you try to find similar jpg and apply from SketchUp first then, change the vray settings of that material?

Also, post it to Vray forum. I am sure they will be much more helpful than I am.


Thanks, I’m new and it’s very useful for me.