Vray rendering problems

Hello, i’m new in this forum.
I’m trying to applying some materials using Vray and it’s not working well.
I’m following these steps to apply materials, first i select a material from SU the import the desired material from vray but it turns grey and if i continue to render the applied material is deformed.
Can somebody help me to solve this problem, is there something render settings or the followed steps are wrong.
I just uploaded in pictures the steps that i’m following to apply material from Vray to the selected object.

Step 01: I used the Paint Bucket tool in SU and apply a random material to the face i want to work on. It’s ok till now.

Step 02: Then I clicked on Vray Material Editor and Load Material (vismat).

Step 03: Here is the Material (concrete).

Step 04: Then apply material to the selected face (already has the UV from SU).

Step 05: When I clicked “Apply Material to Selection” the selected face turned black and somtimes grey with no material at all.

Step 06: Here is it, I cannot see the applied material …

Step 07: I continued to render the object, the material is totally deformed knowing that the object is a normal bloc with simple faces.

Any suggestions?
Thank You,

hello @hight20,
I am having the exact same problem. Materials going haywire, and can’t map them, because inside SKP window there is no material assigned, just gray.
Did you find any answers?

Have you asked on the Vray forum? It seems to me you’d get an answer more easily because you’d be asking an audience of vray users.

No, i didn’t get an answer yet :frowning:

Maybe you should share the SKP file so others using Vray could see if they get the same results.

I don’t really use vismat files in my workflow, but don’t they also have some bitmap (jpg) files to work correctly?

when you have bump and reflection, and etc value, i believe they need that.

Also, what do you mean “totally deformed”? it seems that it is showing the right material, perhaps in different scale?

*Check if your face is oriented correctly.
Using vismap on the back side of the face will result unexpected.