Applying & Changing materials on faces

Hi everyone
I am encountering 3 issues lately. Any help with either of them would be greatly appreciated.

  1. I want to apply a material from Cosmos. While the material downloads all right into V-Ray, it transferes as just black material in the SU tray and does not show up in SU. Once rendered, comes through OK, though.

  2. I cant seem to be able to only apply the material to one face of a floor. It applies it to all faces, even though only one is active.

  3. When I want to apply the default material to all the surfaces in SU to start with a clean slate before trying to apply again to just one face/surface, but when I use the bucket tool - nothing happens.

Thank you

Look for ThomThoms Material Tools which is a handy plugin for removing / working with materials in your model.