VRAY Render Help

I am having trouble rendering this retail store scene. I’m trying to make it as photorealistic as possible but am having trouble with the lighting and textures. I am using SketchupPro 2019 and the newest Vray version. I only have spotlights in the cubbies of the storage shown and a sphere light. What settings should I do to make this realistic?

You should post more information about your scene, vray settings, lights, materials etc. or just upload your scene.

Here is also dedicated Chaosgroup forum for Vray and SketchUp https://forums.chaosgroup.com/forum/v-ray-for-sketchup-forums

Probably best to upload your model of you can. It could be a number of things. Is this your first rendering with VRAY or have you done interiors before and this one for some reason is giving you trouble?

I have it on GPU currently. The camera is on standard and EV is 12.48. I have the GI on under the environment tab but not the reflections, refraction or secondary matte. I also don’t have the swarm or material override on either. The picture is also a bit noisy even though I have the noise on 0.0001 under Quality. I have the global illumination on with light cache on 1000. I’m also having trouble with my walls as they’re turning pink in the render though I have them on white.