Sketchup/VRay materials properties and light properties not working

I am using Sketchup Pro 2019 and VRay 2019 and I am trying edit materials and light properties - it isn’t working - my asset editor isn’t showing any of the materials or spotlights in my model. Can anyone help please?

I have copied the model into a new file.
I added plants and this seems to have stopped things working.

Thanks in advance…

Try removing the plants, see if it helps. If not upload the model, someone should be able to assist.

Do you have more than one model open? Try closing SketchUp and V-Ray and re-opening just your model that has the plants you copied into it. Let us know if either @RLGL or my suggestion helps. Also, +1 for uploading your model if problem persists.

Hi - thanks - I have only got one model open.

Hi - thanks for the suggestion - I have removed the plants and the rendering worked (it came up as rendering error) but I don’t get the option to edit the material properties or the light properties. Any thoughts?

Hi - thanks for the thoughts - I have only one model open. Shall I upload a screenprint of what happens?

A screen shot will not help, upload the .skp file ( the file containing the whole model ).

I am having a hard time with V-ray lights. I tried adding a spot light inside of a recessed can light component to brighten up the interior of an exterior scene becasue the interior and windows in my scene are showing black even though they have .5 opacity (I used standard v-ray Glass material for window glass, window glass is a comonent 3/4" thick). There are 33 of these can light components and they are turned on with a very high intensity and I can’t even see them in an interactive render. Any ideas what I am doing wrong? Thanks

Here is the exterior daytime scene I am working on. I don’t see into the house at all with all lights turned on. I’m also not seeing any reflections on the windows from the HDRI or the background image I have behind the camera.

To me it looks like the light is not coming through the bottom of your can light components. Is the material opaque?

Without the actual SKP file we know nothing about your scene setup. Normally, any sunlight is so bright in comparison to interior lighting of any sort that you do not see into the interior during daytime.

Try bumping your intensity waaaaaaay up for spots…here is 1,500 vs 500,000:

Or…just try placing a few copies of a rectangle light as it’s faster and if you’re only viewing from the outside…will cast a nice even distribution.

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I would also recommend changing the units of the light intensity to watts or lumens as this allows you to set the the intensity with real world values and realistically balance your lighting setup. The default units are sort of arbitrary and dont really correspond ( or they may do but I don’t know what the ratios to real world values are)
Also it’s not worth putting the spot behind a glass lens as this will increase your render times unnecessarily. I would set the spot light below the lens and make the lens material emissive.