Vray Render not showing Sunlight & Materials

Hi Everyone,

I am a student and have not used Vray often. I am trying to complete an assignment and unfortunately my renders are not showing sunlight nor are the materials showing. Instead the whole model is showing as a beige colour. I have tried toggling the settings, changing the direction of light and geo location. Nothing seems to be working. Unfortunately cant upload the file but i have attached some screenshots.
render_settings (1).pdf (1.3 MB)

ANY type of help is welcomed.
Thank you in advance.

Can you try resetting V-Ray settings back to default?? Or try coping your model and place into a new file and test render that.

I have tried putting the model into a new space with another model, and the render works on the other model but when i try to render the one i need, it has the same issue…