3D Modeling Challenges are HERE!


I think the warehouse upload limit will be the limit whatever that is.


No size limit!


If you’d like to, you’re welcome to!


I am so in!! And I am going to show out! Whether I win or not, I will have some fun with this…

Can’t wait to see the stuff people create…
I heard someone ask if their tag was removed, you won’t removed tags right? You’ll let people see other entries?


grear ~ It will be great for model creation !:star_struck:


We’re not sure why a tag was removed. If you submit an entry with the hashtag, you’ll be entered to win :slight_smile:


nobody want creates a topic to show us their 3D model?


because if no I can


Let’s do it :wink:


Why not start a gallery post called “winter blues” contest and invite everyone in the contest to show their models?


I just created a topic


to show us your 3d models #Winterblues Your 3D Models


Great! just saw the Challenge on Youtube.


Will do!

#WinterBlues contest entries
#Winterblues Your 3D Models

Is this legal? I changed the trees to be more realistic, also I extended the land for better images, are these acceptable? Let me know thank you!


You bet. Looks great!


I’m Definitely going to bend few rules, nice to see you here. :slight_smile:


Oh, I’d like to be able to stretch my client’s land when it’s too small. Is there a magic wand for that?


It is Summer down under, at least for a few more days. I have a few projects on the Sunshine Coast that’ll fit right in. Now where to find the time to do some tweaking…


My 3d model is ready https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/b3e478e2-f4e8-482e-96b2-0ce638ea2143/WINTERBLUES