3D Modeling Challenges are HERE!


Perhaps I could! :smiley: Would you lead me to this “Gallery Section”, if you would be so kind as to?


You can navigate your way there through the bulletin board menu system at the top (Community->Categories->SketchUp->Gallery) or just click here.


I was wondering if these types of work are accepted into the challenge:

  1. Work done by a company?
  2. Work done by a group?
  3. Work done by an individual but guided by an expert?

More clarification for the third point, I would like to use this challenge as an opportunity to teach and develop the skills of individuals interested in SketchUp


It seems that my “#winterblues” tag has been removed from my entry. Does this mean it has already been checked off, or does it mean that it is invalid? The sooner, the better!


Love it!!!


Hi Cameron. Just sent you a message. Thanks!


No company or group entries are permitted; however, your students may submit models (as individuals) if you choose to use this as a learning tool. Great idea!


Looks like this challenge just got posted on YouTube:


Not in time for me to use in my class this year, but…given that we drew a tiny house on wheels, we could just park it there and we’re done! :wink:

Seriously, leave it up in 3D Warehouse afterward, and it can still be used later for fun, just not in time for for your challenge deadline.


Here is the URL to my model. I have re-added the tag.


Great Idea!!


Let’s work!!!


Must the model be a solid ?


“Feel free to get as creative as you want. We’re judging this based on both your solid modeling skills and your imagination, but we’re purposely leaving it open-ended so we can see what you come up with :slight_smile:

That’s what was said but not sure what was meant.


What’s the alternative?


Multiple solids and grouped geometry. After all the Model they have given isn’t a solid.


Ahh ok I understand, I thought @vanderklip meant perhaps a flat plane with a texture on, designed elsewhere such as Photoshop.


I just took it to mean that some one else can tell what your model is. :slight_smile:


Can we post WIP images in gallery section before uploading ready model?


How big can the model be? Megabytes?