3D Connexion driver Support for 2021

The one I have is probably that same version (says M/N: SpaceNavigator USB, P/N: 3DX 600028 on the tag attached to the USB cord). If you read the details on their website, though discontinued, I think it is claimed to be compatible with the current driver - certainly mine works! However, last year 3DConnexion had me install a firmware update, and that may have affected things…

Are you joking?

I have Big Sur on my Mac. 3DConnexion does not have drivers working for my CadMouse - the left button does not work. We have several of these in our office. Sketchup does not work at all with any of the two versions SpaceMouses we have in the office. 3Dconnexion has had access to the beta version of Big Sur since June. I’m sorry if I have a hard time believing that waiting for a couple days is going to do something.

Hey guys I just downloaded the BETA driver and it works perfectly for my SpaceMouse wireless. Yea I cannot believe how much I rely on this thing to get even simple things done. Maybe time to upgrade to the Enterprise? Hmmmm…food for thought…

Everyone have a great day!..

I have 3D connexion I had it installed on SketchUp 2018 and it worked fine. I could not get it to work on my SketchUp 2019 2020 or 2021. I uninstalled it from 2018 and reinstalled it and it works fine on 2018 2019 and 2020 but it only zooms in and out on 2021. What do I need to do. Thanks

As has been pointed out a couple of times in the thread. The current driver will not work with 2021 on Windows.
But they have a pre-release version that does work with 2021 on windows.
You must contact them via the 3d connexion website to request it and they will email it to you.
Please do not double post.

thanks for the update. Look forward to this AND when you support TwinMotion!

Why not post the driver here for people’s convenience until you can make a public release?

The Windows software is not a “beta” and is untested. A “beta” release always goes through an internal qualification process.

Exceptionally, we can make untested software available to customers but we make it available upon request so that we can keep a record of those that got it. This will allow us to get back in touch should something amiss be found during the testing process. Also, there may be issues with the installation once the final software is made available that may require some hand-holding.

In short, beta releases are available generally because it’s tested software. Software that is not tested is made available upon request in exceptional circumstances (such as lack of support for a released application version).


3Dconnexion here.

Beta 7 (revision “r3274”) of the 3Dconnexion driver for macOS has been posted earlier today (Nov 24) and includes support for SketchUp version 2021.

The software can be downloaded from the follow FAQ page:

If you’d like share feedback on the new driver, please use the contact details available in the page linked above or the 3Dconnexion Forum.

As mentioned before, 3Dconnexion does not actively track other vendor’s Forums.


Thanks for answering my question. That makes perfect sense. I knew you didn’t want to post it here. Now I know why! :slight_smile:


Although it might not perfectly match your internal terminology, it might reduce confusion if you referred to the “untested” version as “alpha”. I think most of us understand that to mean software that isn’t yet ready even for release to beta testers.


I didn’t believe you would make it happen in 2 days - and you went and did it! Thanks!

When the update arrives that makes my CadMouse work, I’ll be happy!

I tried this version, and it does work in SketchUp 2021, and Big Sur.

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I received the link from 3Dconnexion and (so far) it now works in Windows…

What magic did you do to get it? I asked for it and was given a non-sense reply…

Any chance you could post it? Or the link to register your interest in trailing the Beta?

I sent an email to Support at 3Dconnexion (on Sunday, through their website) and explained that:

  1. I develop extensions for SketchUp on Windows (which I do);
  2. I need to confirm that my extensions work correctly in SU2021; and
  3. I use the SpaceMouse exclusively for panning and zooming.

I sent the request on Saturday and got an initial response on Monday, and a link on Tuesday. Standard warning at the bottom of the email about contents and links being only for the intended recipient and that it is not recommended to be used in a production environment.


Quick update on the 3Dconnexion extension for SU2021 on Windows.

The plugin build that has been shared with customers passed testing successfully and will be included in the final build of v. 10.7.1 of 3DxWare 10 (the driver suite). The zip file is “3DxSketchUp_v5-2-0_r17889_x64.zip”.

Version 10.7.1 is expected to be made available for general download within the next two weeks, barring any unforeseen issues found during verification.

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Have been sent the Beta driver update for (Windows 10) sketchup Pro 2021 and it works great.
Thanks to the support team