3D Connexion driver Support for 2021

Thanks for keeping us updated. Barry1

You’re way ahead of me, @barry1. Thank you posting the link to the FAQ here.

If you can, please edit the link and remove the “uk” bit in the UR, allowing the page to redirect to the correct country page.

Perfect, thanks barry1.

Silly question but, does the prerelease version of the driver for windows work properly with SU2021.2 as well?

Did you mean 2020.2? There is no 2021.2 !

Sorry, yes! 2020.2

The 10.7.0 driver released back in September already supported SketchUp 2020.2. They won’t drop it when 10.7.1 comes out of testing.

So the pre-release version should work with SU2020.2 as well…

I have the pre-release driver loaded on my machine and the connexion works in all version that I have on this machine, back to and including 2017.

Thank you, slbaumgartner and Box!