Zooming while selected a tool

is there any way to zoom to object while a tool selected (for example tape measure tool, push tool etc.)

I mean not to use mouse wheel , zooming by a key or combination?

There is a simple example in this video: SketchUp - How to use the Tape Measure Tool - YouTube (zooming while tape measure tool selected)

Any keyboard shortcut will change the tool you have. What’s wrong with using the mouse wheel for navigating? It’s what allows you to zoom, orbit and pan without dropping the current tool.

As @DaveR Said, unless you invest in a 3D Mouse, you will need to use the scroll wheel to zoom/pan/orbit without leaving the current command.

That video does look like the scroll mouse is being used (though it is an older version)

I want to zoom while selected a tool and while left clicking it. I mean only zoom and do not change tool when i need to zoom while i am making a line or taping measure etc.

With all tools, click and release, don’t click and drag.


You can use the orbit, zoom, or pan command, then press the Esc key to leave the command and return to the previous command (assuming you click and release, as @box said).

Thanks for answers. I guess there is no way and no need such a thing. I must practice with sketchup shortcuts.

As Box wrote, don’t click and hold the left mouse button while drawing a line or moving something. Click and release. start the line by clicking on the first point and releasing the button. Then zoom, orbit or pan as needed to move the camera so you can see where the other end of the line needs to be. Click and release there to set the second end.

In the video you linked to, he’s doing what we’re telling you to do.

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