Mouse scroller

Can the mouse scrolled be set to function as a zoom command instead of a rotate command?

Why exactly you need this feature? Scrolling is already for zooming, and you can just type Z on your keyboard and zoom by holding left click and moving the mouse.
I don’t think this is something that could be implemented inside of Sketchup a lot of people, including me, would complain, some mice can be customized and you can assign keyboard shortcuts for every button, even the wheel click, but I haven’t seen any mouse that can customize the scrolling so it can be a shortcut.

Hi francisquitof

I have SU 2018 and can zoom with the mouse scroller. I find this very practical as the zoom even lets you move around the project depending on where you zoom. So I miss this in SU 2023. But maybe I’m being romantic.

Serge Ikenga Chijioke

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Or maybe there’s something wrong with your mouse or the installation of SketchUp. The scroll wheel works just fine for zooming in SketchUp 2023. This was recorded a few minutes ago in SketchUp 2023.

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On macOS 13.6.1 with SketchUp 2023.1.341 I get the same as @DaveR. The mouse scroll wheel has always done zoom in and out for me, both on previous versions and on the current version. I suspect there is something wrong either with your mouse settings or with the mouse itself. So far as I know, the only mouse-related setting in SketchUp itself if in the Compatibility panel, where you can invert the action depending on whether you like forward scroll to zoom in or zoom out (a lot like scroll bar preferences in the os: is your mental notion that you are moving the camera or moving the objects?).

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