New Zoom IN/OUT Feature

I would like to suggest adding a new feature to the Google Sketchup ROTATE/ZOOM tool.

When using the Rotating/Zoom tool it would be ideal if the user could simply click on the mouse button, then move the cursor (arrow) slightly away from the point of origin to zoom in/out slowly or move the cursor (arrow) farther away from the point of origin to speed up the zoom in/out feature.

(This operation would mimic the scrolling feature of an internet browser when the mouse button is clocked allowing the user to slowly or quickly scan through a webpage dependent on where the user clicks the mouse button and how far the user moves the cursor (arrow) - without ever having to roll the mouse button manually).

Currently, the Google Sketchup Pro ROTATE/ZOOM feature requires the user to roll the mouse button over and over again to zoom in/out which becomes extremely excessive when attempting to zoom through objects, shapes, etc. at which point the zoom feature becomes super slow and requires even more rolling of the mouse button.

This repetitive scrolling motion can cause the user’s wrist to become inflamed which can be quite painful requiring the user to rest their hand/wrist for hours, days, or even weeks.

This repetitive motion can lead to tendonitis or worse damage the carpal muscles permanently which requires surgery to correct. 4 to 10 million Americans currently suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (that is 6 out of 100 men and 9 out of 100 women - about 5% of the population).

I believe the convenience of such a zoom feature will create added value to your product and I anticipate will be well-received by the entire Google Sketchup Community if it’s implemented.

Thank you for your consideration. Have a wonderful day!

Google has not had anything to do with SketchUp for more than 10 years.

You might use a SpaceMouse if you want a more immediate solution: 3Dconnexion US - SpaceMouse, CadMouse, Drivers

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Thanks. Didn’t realize that.

Thanks. I contacted Sketchup directly but they requested that I resubmit my request in this forum. I doubt anyone from Sketchup will even read my request or if they do, implement the new feature. It was worth the ask just in case. Have a great day!

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If you press Z you can zoom in and out the way you’re requesting.


Hopefully not off topic… my Mother and Brother had surgeries for carpel tunnel. In the past I had the ‘flaming fingers’ that would wake me up at night. I reviewed and then changed my behavior. For example, I would prop my head up with my hands while lying down sometimes. Anyway, I eliminated some things that strained my wrists started doing some stretches that are similar to Aikido hand stretches. This has -so far- solved the issue for me.

What mouse are you using? A long time ago I had wrist pain, I was using a small mouse, it was cool and I liked it a lot until I had a strong pain right before the semester final presentation, resting wasn’t an option for me so I took a lot of painkillers and had to be infiltrated which was horrible but it reduced the pain. After that I bought the Logitech performance MX and the pain went away for good, now I have the master mx 3 which is extremely comfortable as well, Logitech also has a vertical mouse if you need more comfort.

How long have you been using SketchUp? And how many minutes (hours?) have you spent so far reading posts on the forum?

There is a ‘Zoom Window’ oprion available. Create a shortcut key for ‘Zoom Window’ to then being able to instantly zoom in as close as you can draw your little window on your screen.

I do agree about being extremely careful with the mouse (and the like) to avoid getting RSI !!!