Smooth zooming- both in and out?

Is there a way to simply zoom by dragging my mouse left and right/ use + and - / or Zoom to previous view / as in other CAD programs (on a Windows machine)?

Related question:
What is the best mouse for SU pro? I fee like my Razor’s lack of scroll wheel speed adjustment is a culprit in the first issue…

Space Mouse, hands down fantastic - particularly if you are left handed / ambidextrous


z is the keyboard shortcut for zoom, which will allow you to zoom by moving the mouse up and down. The Camera toolbars gives you several options, including Previous View and Zoom Extents.


+1 except that, as a right hander, I would always use the SM with my left hand and my ordinary mouse with my right. I just use the SM for navigation though it does have some programmable buttons I don’t use (but I do use programmable buttons on my other mouse).

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Did not see “previous view” on my toolbar,
but that would be a great feature.

You should get the Camera toolbar out and have a look at the tools on it. Also look at the Camera menu.

Left-handers are in reality forced to be ambidextrous - using a conventional mouse with their right hand, which makes using the Space Mouse (or at least the one I use) a natural fit. I find the biggest bonus is to be able to navigate mid-operation.

This is more of a mouse question, but does anyone know of a mouse with a programmable scroll wheel speed?
I prefer to only have to carry around 1 Mouse if possible…

You might look at Logitech products

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Thanks will do.

There is an excellent plug-in called AMS Smooth Zoom-V1.3 by Anton_S. For some reason it is no longer available from Extension Warehouse but it is available free from SketchUcation. It will drastically change you mouse zooming experience to the point that you will never want to work without it. I have used in versions 2017 & 2018. I believe it has been updated for 2019. You will also need to download the AMS Library V 1.6. Some users have complained that it zooms too fast and is not controllable. I have never had a problem with it. It will zoom in or out very smoothly quite fast. To stop it, or slow it, just left click your mouse and it will stop the zoom.

I also use a 3D Mouse. You get much more additional control with it. I don’t like a lot of fancy programmable buttons. 3D Connexion makes several models. I prefer their basic SpaceNavigator. Mine is Wired and uses a standard USB port. If you are using a Laptop You might like their wireless version. They are smaller than a mouse. Try using your regular 3 button mouse on one side and a 3D mouse on the other side of your keyboard along with AMS Smooth Zoom. You will never go back to anything less once you try both. The 3D mouse I use is available at Amazon or on E-Bay for about $100. The button versions cost much more but shortcuts can do the same as the programmable buttons faster.

The 3D mouse I mentioned also works great in other programs like Photoshop. You can also use it with any ordinary browser to smoothly scroll, line by line when reading anything that’s written.

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@randyl, also take a look at 3D Connexion CadMouse. scroll wheel has some flexibility that might suit you.

Thanks very much Jim I’ll check out that extension and mouse!

I worked in Sketchup for several years and always hated using a standard mouse to zoom. The AMS Smooth Zoom is really a great improvement. I always thought should the technology have been included with ALL 3 button mice or through computer mouse settings but it is not. I used a Logitech gaming mouse for quite a few years. It had some extra buttons and gave me a little better control but no smooth zooms. Now I use a Logitech wireless mouse Model M510. That works for me. The 3D mouse is something I always thought would be nice but too expensive. I was wrong. The 3Dconnecion SpaceNavigator is reasonably priced for all the added flexibility it provides. It is very compact and nicely weighted like a paper weight so it doesn’t move around. It also will give you much smoother zooms, pans, orbits, etc. in all directions. the zooms are slower than using the AMS Smooth Zoom extension, so I like using both. A 3D mouse though will allow you to zoom an fly through and around your Sketchup models with ease. It’s a tool even casual users should have for any 3D modeling.
This Mouse will work with most other modeling/imaging software and as a better way to scroll through documents than using a mouse wheel or on-screen slider. I’m confident you will like it after a very short learning time.