Zoom issues


I am using SU 2018 Pro and have been having a problem with the zoom when I use the wheel on my Microsoft mouse. Sometimes it works fine then it will all of a sudden zoom in/out very slowly then it will switch back and work fine again. There doesn’t seen to be anything that triggers it. This is very frustrating. does anybody have any idea how to resolve this?


Pay attention to what your mouse cursor is pointing at. Aim it at the object you want to zoom in on. If you aim at outer space it will zoom in very slowly. If you are working with only edges, make a temporary face as a zoom target to zoom in on.


The “zoom” is affected by the geometry the cursor is on. In distant space it will travel further. On close geometry it travels less, or feels slower. Sometimes this is useful that it slows down as you are approaching a close detail, other times it can be annoying. The 3D space mouse avoids this issue as its moves are independent of the cursor position.
Also worth noting that the “zoom” is not a zoom as we understand it in photographic terms, it is a track/dolly that is moving the camera position in space. A “zoom” in photographic terms changes the focal length of the lens but keeps the camera position the same…so in sketchup “real zooming” is done by using the magnifying tool with the shift key.


The problem I am having is the zoom isn’t slowing down only when I get close it does it at any distance. And it isn’t consistent.


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