Locking in a command as you pan, orbit or zoom?

Had a question regarding using certain tools and orbiting or moving the image.

Sometimes I find I need to be in a tighter area of drawing to add or edit certain parts.
For example: lets say I zoomed into the side of a cabinet to draw a circle for a closet rod. I would click the Circle Command and add the size and click enter. (1 1/2" in diamater) if I zoomed out and selected orbit/pan to view the entire cabinet, are there any shortcuts i can use to push/pull the piece without having to zoom back in. (Basically any way to lock a command in as you pan, orbit, or zoom out)

If you’re using the center mouse wheel for navigation you won’t drop the current tool while orbing, zooming or panning.

is there a way to switch to Pan with the center mouse? Mine currently zooms in/out and orbits when i click. Is there a way to use all three functions at the same time?

Yes. Center mouse button and hold Shift for Pan.

You can’t pan, orbit and zoom in one motion with the center mouse button but you can switch from one to another quickly. You could purchase on of the 3D Connexion Space mice or similar to use for navigation. A lot of people like them. I tried them and found I didn’t but that’s just me. The mouse works fine.
Honestly there’s really no need in this example to orbit around to see the right inside face because the front edge would work just fine for identifying where Push/Pull needs to stop.

awesome, thanks for the help!

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Another example with the Line tool.