How do I draw and navigate at same time?


Newbie here, trying to follow Dave Richards’ tutorials on SU for woodworking, but he goes so fast that I can not catch how to do steps. Is there an easy way to pan while drawing a line?


For panning, hold the center mouse button while you hold Shift. For Orbit, just press the center mouse wheel and for zoom, scroll the wheel.

For my normal working screen I don’t even keep the zoom, Orbit, or Pan tools on the toolbar because they are never used.

Sorry. Don’t mean to go so fast. It’s hard to slow this stuff down.


Bet he was expecting to see you reply!!! You may have spooked him!!
Enjoy the day and …Peace…


I use one of the 3D navigators by 3dconnexion when I need to model and navigate at the same time. It’s rather useful.


Also having trouble opening a component for editing. When I double or triple click, I get the entire cabinet, instead of a stile for example. I have double checked to be sure I made a component first. I must be doing something simple wrong.

Thanks for your patience. My plan is to go through the basic vids again…


Could you be convinced to share the SKP file as it is? If you don’t want to share it publicly, you can upload it in a private message to me. It’s a whole lot easier to figure out where the trouble lies if I can see what you are seeing.


Maybe there’s something “funny” about the way you’re double-clicking to edit the component (don’t triple-click in this situation). You can also right-click the component and select Edit Component from the context menu. Maybe that’ll work better.



Sure, that would be great.
I will try to find the actual file.
Is there a standard location for the files?