Zoomed way out and cannot zoom back in

Somehow I got zoomed way out (hundreds of thousands of feet) and I cannot get back to my model. I think it has something to do with the cameras I set up. I know the model is there and I can see it in the distance, but the zoom/zoom window function isn’t working. I’ve deleted all cameras. Totally lost on what to do. Sketchup keeps crashing my mac (newish Powerbook pro). Any ideas on how to get back to my model?

If the zoom extents does not recover the model you probably have some extraneous geometry a long distance off axis. There are two approaches but the easier one would be to just select the model and then copy into a new SU model window. Do not use the Ctrl A key board selection but a left to right selection box close to model to avoid any extraneous other geometry. Delete all the guide lines first.
If that does not work post back here or post you model here so some one can check it out