Zoomed Out

Help, I zoomed super far out and cant zoom back in !

press the button with the magnifying glass and four arrows

yeah, The zoom extents button, that’s what I did to cause the issue.

Sounds like you have at least a bit of geometry or something at a great distance from the rest of the model. Can you share the SKP file?

Do you have groups or components in the model? You could open Outliner and access them from there. Use Zoom Selection to zoom in on them. You still need to find out what is causing the problem, though.

Could be geometry or it could be a label text entity that is miles from the model.

As @DaveR said, we can’t give you a definitive answer or solution without seeing your model. Be aware, though, that there is a known bug in SketchUp’s handling of leader text (the 2D ones with leader lines pointing to things in your model) that can cause the text to fly off to infinity as you edit your model and then zoom causes everything to shrink to invisibility. There are ways to recover from this damage, but again, one needs to have the model in hand to be sure they have worked.

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