After using zoom extents my plan disappear

I have used by accident “zoom extents” and I have no longer acces to my image.
Is it possibility to resolve this problem?
Untitled1.skp (1.9 MB)

Untitled1.skp (1.6 MB)

Here you go.

Thank you so much!

I think what has probably happened is that you had text attached to some object which you then deleted.

There’s a known bug that then cause the text to fly off to infinity, so when you then Zoom Extents, everything in the model goes very far away. .

Looks as if Dave has fixed it for you while I was typing, but you could learn to fix it yourself too.

I picked a random object in Outliner, and chose Right click - Zoom Selection.

That enabled me to see part of your model, and I then manually zoomed out to see it all.

There was a stray bit of text near the top of the window, which I deleted.

Zoom extents after that showed me your model very shrunk in the middle of the screen - smaller than this magnified view.
I window selected round that, then copied and pasted it into a new model, and then Zoom Extents showed properly.

I’ve seen Dave refer to a plugin he uses called Rescue My Model. He may have used that to recover your model.

Thank you for your that explanation. I hope I won’t make this again, I just have to understand it… but maybe it will be useful to someone:)

Often just going from room to room leaves me wondering what the plan was.